Orb Premieres: June 2023

The first month of summer, with its gentle touch, caresses our imagination with serene and vivid colors. While we are working on our plans for the season, we try to capture some moments with a fitting soundtrack. As such, Orb Premieres: June 2023 are accordingly shaped by diverse sounds that will not only enrich your collection with upcoming and established artists but will also provide a well-suited background to your summer days. Discover each track published on our platform this passing month in the following list below:

KiTA – Palace

As we stroll through the celestial “Palace” of KiTA, we find ourselves swarmed by euphoric and soothing tunes in a highly atmospheric excursion towards the sky. “Palace” is one of the three tracks in the Ceramic EP, out since the 7th of July through Knekelhuis.

Stefan Vincent – Mono no Aware

With “Mono no Aware,” Stefan Vincent prepares the listener for a journey into a melancholically charming path as a personal attempt to turn, through his soundscapes, this feeling into an emotional yet profound experience. This track is in the Pre Melancholy EP in Musar Recording’s catalog, which acts as a wide welcome to Stefan’s upcoming album.

6SISS – Networks

Electro-driven, peak octane pulsations from a high-end computerized tech world are what “Networks” from 6SISS projects, as the producer captures the essence of a chaotic yet intimate rhythm and offers a delightful surprise of high-pitched cyber melody. “Networks” is one of the four compositions in the BOTS EP, already released on the 26th of June in digital and vinyl format on Micron Audio.

Dold – Odyssey

“Odyssey” is a tribute to proto-rave mental campaigns by Dold, while he is being delicate in its selection of trancey aspects and paving the way to an endless, colorful, and dreamy horizon. This track contributes to the B-Side of the split Untitled EP, dedicated solely to Dold’s compositions, released on Sweden’s Arsenik.

Tensal – Revenge (Anthony Linell Remix)

Anthony Linell’s take on Tensal’s “Revenge” is a wild vibration of deep techno arrangements, provoking dense, sonic tremors that do not falter on pushing the percussion and sound heaviness even further. This remix is taken from KR3’s Records Forgiveness of Blood Remixes EP from Tensal’s original creations, out since the 10th of July.

Joseph S Joyce – Vedanta (Federsen SF Dub)

Investing in the genuine grooviness of the dub aspects, Federsen’s approach to Joseph S Joyce’s hit “Vedanta” rides the calming waves of sub-frequencies for a summerish, hypnotic, routine-break composition. This reworked composition is part of a six-track remix record, Vedanta Remixed.

Transparent Sound – Music Noir

“Music Noir” from Transparent Sound, the authentic electro masters and tinkers from the UK, is a qualitative insight into the machine experimentation this duo has been working on for decades, highlighting a fresh, well-rooted, and old-school electronic aesthetic. Available only in the digital version of the album, Accidents 1994​-​2023, this track is one of many in the 30-year commemorating collection by Tresor Records, out since the last day of June.

Ma Spaventi – Sospensione

Ma Spaventi’s “Sospensione” is more like a cosmic lullaby coming from a hidden-in-the-depths constellation while directing its abstract, universal energy into our subconscious, hibernated self. This spacey track is in the La Molecola del Tempo concept album, a collaborative work between Ma Spaventi and Enrico Demuro.

Mattia Trani – Scenery (Ken Ishii Remix)

“Scenery” is the creation of Mattia Trani that the respected Ken Ishii laid hands on for a fast-paced, invigorating rearrangement that slowly unfolds an energetic and heavy-rolling sequence. Released on June 29th, for the remix version of the self-titled album from Mattia on his label Pushmaster Discs.

Dorisburg & Sebastian Mullaert – Bond

Ambient, organic, and hindered within our planet’s long-lasting story, “Bond” from Dorisburg and Sebastian Mullaert is an atmospheric, sense-captivating echo, enkindling the spiritual connection between humans and nature. This track is in the shared album That Who Remembers between those two Swedish producers, which is available for purchase in digital and vinyl format on Spazio Disponibile.