Orb Premieres: July 2023

The first of the two consecutive summer months with thirty-one days of duration. Some consider it a counter-productive period, while others, more of a festival or vacation season. Now, despite the rising heat as July has rightfully earned its place as the very heart of summer, it is still a period with many plans in motion, either mental or physical. As music remains a reliable constant, we could not step away from highlighting the Orb Premieres: July 2023 contributions that were hosted on Orb Mag this month.

Javano – Origin

Javano’s “Origin” conjures a soothing soundscape for a genuinely organic, almost meditative, inward journey to where our spiritual bonds with the cosmos reside. This track is taken from Metropolis LP, available on vinyl and digital format on Temple Of Sound, with six out of eleven tracks being exclusively in the digital version.

Dycide – Tribale

In “Tribale,” Dycide employs sharp percussion breaks on obscurely crafted layers to emphatically provoke a tribalistic rhythmic pattern, introducing us to a phenomenal compositional level on his behalf. “Tribale” is the entrance to Carnyx, the new digital release on QEONE’s catalog.

Saphileaum – Celestal

Lost in a forest, hearing nature sing, our attention is drawn to Saphileaum’s slow and balanced drumming chant called “Celestal,” while a pure and gentle breeze swarm and embraces us as shady figures dance in the distance. Part of Deflection Music’s Compendium Vol.1 compilation.

Mathew Jonson – Into The 5D (Space Dub)

Bending the spatial dimensions with his dub mechanics and addictive synth work, Mathew Jonson’s bouncing, psychedelically driven beat in “Into The 5D” connects with an imaginative yet pristine atmospheric blend. This additional version pairs with the original track in the self-titled release found on Kilómetro 4.5.

Scøpe – Firing Pin

A granular background layer, a groovy, upbeat tempo, and mesmerizingly recurring frequencies combined and utterly in sync form the very core of Scøpe’s “Firing Pin,” provoking an almost unintentional urge for body expression. The track is found in his new four-track EP, Neon Mirage, on his own imprint, SCOPÁVIK.

The Advent – Three Zero Six

“Three Zero Six” from The Advent is a hypnotic, warehouse-focused composition sculpted with old-school and groovy arrangements that bewilder the senses on the dancefloor’s trance. This track is a proper extract from what is included in this well-designed Plug Formation EP, already released on Synthetik Sounds, which rolls throughout its duration while projecting major energetic vibes.

Ohm & Octal Industries – Northern Exposure

Mild tones with cozy arrangements, refined with ambient and dub textural orientations, form the foundation of Ohm and Octal Industries’ “Northern Exposure,” based on which it tenderly progresses with its carefree style. This track is from their first upcoming collaborative full-length Northwest Passage on Lempuyang’s catalog.

Aöcram – Mentales

Aöcram’s “Mentales” forms a highly hypnotic reverberation based on its heavy pumping, chiming, and densely grain-decorated sonic terrain, which causes extensive, mind-blowing vibrations that extend their reach to deeper mental strata.