Various – Arquitectura del Sueño (Exclusives)

Semantica. Semantics. It’s about something deep, about the roots, about the origin. Behind this concept invariably stands something powerful, unshakable. In the brain, an associative array is immediately built up with something wise, calm, necessarily serious and majestic, which knows its own worth.

This is what this album looks like. Actually, the name speaks for itself: Arquitectura del Sueño (Architecture of Sound). And indeed, all participants in this compilation, like international architects, are building their Tower of Babel, choosing the shape, the tone of the stone, creating a truly unbreakable monolith. But all the charm is that this is not a soulless block, no. It is a living organism.

So, these exclusives resemble an internal motor, a pulse coming somewhere from the depths. Here the heart of the Semantica beats sometimes more often, sometimes seldom, speaking of calmness in one moment or of excitement in the other. Sometimes the pulse is completely strayed from the rhythm, bringing the cardiogram of the equalizer to peak values, then falling down into a flat line.

Speaking about this very “architects” that were collected in this release, we can say that here is felt the skilful hand of the leader of the label—Spaniard Svreca. He combined in this big non-trivial work different artists: as the long-standing signers of the label, such as Anthony Linell, also known as Abdulla Rashim, the founder of Northern Electronics label, Adriana Lopez or Acronym, as well as the newcomers of Semantica—melancholic and dreamy Hydrangea, young folklorical Nord Korridor, the adherent of hypnotic motifs Luigi Tozzi, and the guy ruining hearts of the fans of deep sound, Blazej Malinowski. Naturally, such a cocktail could not be anything other than a standard sample of thoughtful and unconventional techno.

The general musical drawing of the release is gloomy, multilayered, and uneasy. Similar to the palate of good wine or whiskey. Events develop consistently, slowly, revealing almost the plot details of the modernist novel, where even the smallest detail plays cosmic importance. Because if you will miss it—and the integrity of perception collapses, leaving behind nothing but mixed feelings. Such music should be allowed to open inside the listener, to repeat some moments several times, because once a time the sound manifests new faces, finding its architectural style, as it is rightly stated in the title. You seem to go under the vaults of the temple in search of revelation. You can wait for it a long time, but when the moment comes, when this revelation descends to you, you clearly understand that time is not spent in vain.

Special attention, perhaps, should be given to the performance of the collection itself. An abstract print of envelope, transparent vinyl with a multi-coloured label. Nothing concrete, this edition doesn’t say in the forehead, but you understand immediately that something interesting is waiting for you inside, at least.

A1. Anthony Linell – Led By Light
A2. Luigi Tozzi – Hydros
B1. Korridor – Rum
B2. Adriana Lopez – What Lies Behind
C1. Hydrangea – Mirror Fragment
C2. Amandra – Legia Biala
D1. BLNDR – Shape Location
D2. Na Nich – Anxiety
E1. Acronym – Mareo (Version)
E2. Tom Liem – Millennium Tower
F1. Artefakt – The Field Has Eyes
F2. Blazej Malinowski – Utopia