Shpongle – Codex VI

Simon Posford, known to many as the legendary Hallucinogen, has worked diligently with the renowned flautist Raja Ram to invent a captivating, auditory metropolis they call Codex VI. The ambitious duo has collaborated under the musical moniker Shpongle for the past 20 years, formulating what many consider the very genesis of modern psybient and psychedelic electronica. With their sixth release, they continue to push the boundaries of genre, experimenting betwixt a fascinating dimension of complex instrumentations and profound synth programming. This mystical congregation is meant to be a colourful portrayal of hallucinogenic experiences. It’s a microdose into another realm, and one could only imagine what the 74-minute voyage does for the brain.

Codex VI is filled to the brim with remarkable moments, hypnotic and theatrical tracks that seem to enrich the soul and empower the mind. Through atmospheric orchestrations and jazz-like progression, the diverse melodies of Shpongle’s latest creation form a cultivating soundscape for all to encounter. As the chanting of tribal drums float over the desert synths of “The Magumba State,” psytrance influences spark an entirely different experience in “Are We There Yet?” Each producer embeds their wide knowledge of music theory and genre history into the fabric of every frequency, exploring the depths of various styles and tonal flavours. This melting-pot of reggae, psydub, and more is quite impressive, to say the least, and many listeners will likely find themselves falling in love with several tracks in this dramatic mixture. Long-time fans will also be rewarded with satisfying, nostalgic production that reminisces to the groups earliest roots, what many would argue is a refreshing change in quality from Shpongle’s most recent albums.

Although innovation is sometimes difficult to achieve in a technological market, booming with new music at every turn, Simon and Raja have managed to co-create one of the most interesting albums 2017 has to offer. After all, the audio wizards have been working on this feat for the past three years. Yes, their efforts were definitely worth it. Within the detailed conglomerations of arpeggiating bass and acoustical fusion, a wonderful adventure awaits for all who are curious. Get ready to get Shpongled!

01. Remember the Future
02. The Magumba State
03. Empty Branes
04. Are We There Yet?
05. Herr Gringleflapper’s Secret Stash Box
06. Strange Planet
07. I Woke Up As a Shlummutz
08. Celestial Intoxication
09. Hammock Therapy