Orb Podcast 078: Stefan Goldmann

Stefan Goldmann, a force in the techno scene since 2002, has earned a reputation as an adventurous and creative artist. Regularly performing at Berghain since 2006, Stefan tours extensively across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Since 2020, he has curated the Strom Festival at the Berlin Philharmonic, presenting a diverse range of performances from audiovisual experiments to peak-time techno.

His new LP Alluvium on his own Macro imprint, explores new structural paths for machine rhythm in irregular metres. Throughout the album, different non-binary patterns run simultaneously, interlocking into twelve offerings of jagged polyrhythmic magic.

For the latest Orb Podcast episode, Stefan delivers a densely packed club experience, focusing on the essence of each track. As he puts it, “It only takes so long for a dance track to convey its core, so once it does, it can just as well segue into another.”

01. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Orgie
02. Gomorra – Nice Modular
03. Fergus Sweetland – Muffy 
04. Tangerine – Luminescence
05. Regent – Occult – SG edit
06. Xupid – Material World
07. Cerrot – Less Polished
08. Cristian Vogel – Xpute The Woop (Len Faki Mix) (SG Edit)
09. Gaston Fiore – Watch Me
10. Dold – Rich String
11. Makita – Tools
12. Zoe McPherson – Ussy (SG Edit)
13. Jamesendir – Vöku Engill (SG Edit)
14. Kink and Rachel – Time (Instrumental Mix)
15. Phalcon – Malabar
16. Matrix – Mute ’24 (SG Edit)
17. Kameliia – Less Effects
18. San Regret – Daddy Ain Around (SG Edit)
19. BXTR – D4ncefloor Killer (SG Edit)
20. ABSL – Wake Up! 
21. Ufo95 – Fight For Love
22. James Ruskin – Dominance (Aiken Remix) 
23. Skorri – Hoppdansi (Kuss Remix)
24. Sidewinder – Mist
25. Ruiz Osc1 – Rave Signal
26. Swooh – Tears of Hope
27. Félix – Vandaval (SG Edit)
28. Stefan Goldmann – Drilon