Orb Podcast 075: Scøpe

The Korean techno aficionado and co-founder of SCOPÁVIK, Scøpe, embodies the ethos of underground techno. Launching his DJ career at Seoul’s esteemed Vurt club, he curates immersive experiences at his regular label nights, inviting artists into a realm of deep and hypnotic techno.

Since 2018, he has been running SCOPÁVIK Records, crafting his distinctive sonic landscape. With each EP release, featuring remixes by the likes of Anthony Linell, Acronym, Psyk, and Svreca, he seeks to captivate audiences with his sounds, seamlessly blending rhythmical structures and lyrical tones.

In his mix for Orb Podcast, Scøpe brings an exquisite blend of bouncy and straight hypnotic grooves. “Ultimately, I aimed to convey a sensation through the mix where the listener’s body moves incessantly while simultaneously unfolding a narrative,” he adds.