Orb Podcast 073: Valentin Ginies

Valentin Ginies, a passionate and versatile producer and DJ based in Berlin, has devoted much of his life to music. From his early days playing piano and drums, he transitioned to a full hardware setup and embraced the decks at a young age. As the founder of 11001 Records, a Berlin-based label exploring techno, ambient, and experimental realms, Valentin’s creativity knows no bounds.

Beyond the studio and DJ booth, Ginies is also the founder of the Third Eye Festival, a 3-day festival of music and painting in Berlin, where he curated the inaugural edition in 2022, weaving together diverse artistic expressions. Additionally, as a co-founder of the Teufelsberg Domecast, an ambient experimental podcast featuring a unique sound installation, Ginies orchestrates live performances within the Dots Gallery, hosting the likes of Dasha Rush, Tobias, Max Loderbaeur, Robert Henke, LF58, and Hoshiko Yamane.

The Orb Podcast 073 captures the essence of his set at the Otsukimi Festival in Hakuba, Japan. Valentin Ginies played on the festival’s second day, guiding the dancefloor on a journey through psychedelic techno landscapes. “The idea was to bring the dancefloor on a sonic exploration seamlessly weaving between broken beats and 4/4 techno while maintaining deep pulsating rhythms,” he adds.