Orb Podcast 072: Viikatory

In her artistic endeavors, Viikatory masterfully fuses music from diverse corners and eras. Through her mixes, she invites listeners into the vortex of ’90s trance, high-energy house, and the enchanting vocal narratives woven throughout the history of techno and electro. Viikatory’s ambition is to craft mixes that not only blend genres but also narrate captivating stories. Her productions, featured on labels such as Tresor, Trust, Warning, and more, serve as a personal guide through a boundless world of sounds and emotions, transcending the constraints of genre.

In crafting her Orb Podcast, Viikatory unveils a mix that reflects not only her mood and emotional state but also serves as a musical adventure for the listeners. In her own words, “Through selection and smooth transitions between different styles, I aim to illustrate their interrelationship, highlighting the beauty of their variability and how they easily mix and evolve.”

01. Mike Parker – Voiceprint Voice Three
02. Aa Sudd – Sidereal Drift
03. Monolake – Invisible
04. Speedy J – Ginger
05. Fleck E.S.C – Further Away
06. Automat – Infected
07. Digitalis – Waving Not Drowning
08. Sam Brickel – Mystique
09. Anoesis – Heavy Water
10. Maara & Priori – Cmon
11. A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo – Kino Toi
12. D-Shake – Techno Trance (D-Shake Mix)
13. Mark N-R-G – Syntax Error
14. Space Cube – Acid Crash
15. shjva – Nimbus
16. Caldera – 5th Cave Shuffle
17. LOIF – In Flux