Orb Podcast 071: Manfredas

Manfredas, a radio DJ turned club maestro, has seamlessly transitioned from airwaves to dance floors, leaving an indelible mark on those who experience his performances. Manfredas is not just a DJ; he’s a musical force, using every physical gesture to reinforce the power of his musical convictions. Whether it’s the unique way he handles the jog wheel or the fervent torque of his dance moves, music takes on a heightened significance in his presence.

As a pivotal figure at Opium Club in Vilnius, Manfredas holds the reins as one of the key residents and programmers. His clubnight Smala has become a cornerstone of the club’s identity. In this space, there’s a palpable feedback loop of love, dramatic intensity, and open-minded passion that immerses everyone deeper into the music.

Manfredas’ Orb Podcast is recorded in the spirit of Santaka, a live music project he undertakes with percussionist and producer Marijus Aleksa. “As if we were to play a DJ set with Stalker showing in the background,” he says. The mix includes originals and remixes by friends, creating an auditory landscape that encapsulates the essence of their collaborative musical endeavors.

01. Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void – Travel With Friend
02. Bendik Giske – Rush
03. 9ms – Lavo
04. Santaka – Xram (Marco Shuttle Remix)
05. Rrose – Joy Of The Worm
06. Mr. G – It’s Time
07. Black Bones – Pressure Point
08. V/Z – Nai
09. Ellen Zweig & David Weinstein – Act Of Watch
10. Santaka – Love Kilimanjaro
11. Mike Cooper – Trancendence Dub
12. Philip Jeck & Chris Watson – Beetroot Train
13. Beneficiares – When the Sun Loves You Back
14. Deadbeat – Huey Lewis Voters Dub (Negotiation)
15. L.B. Dub Corp – Take It Down (In Dub)
16. Two Lone Swordsmen – Rotting Hill (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
17. Santaka – 555 (Nick Colk Void Remix)
18. Marcelus – Odawah Jam (Edit)
19. Juryman Spacer – No Prints No Trace (Reprise)
20. Brendon Moeller – Dub Construct
21. Healing Force Project – Cloning
22. Muslimgauze – Palestina Cache 3
23. Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void – I’ll Always