Orb Podcast 070: Tilliander

Twenty years ago, Andreas Tilliander played a pivotal role in the micro glitch and clicks & cuts movement, releasing groundbreaking material on labels like Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton. Simultaneously, this aficionado of vintage instruments explored the realms of dub techno and ambient music production during the era of digital minimalism. This exploration yielded a series of 12″ records, setting the stage for Tilliander’s cherished moniker, TM404, which debuted around a decade ago. Ever since, his focus remained on live jamming, captivating audiences with the raw and authentic energy of his machines.

Now, in his Orb Podcast contribution, Tilliander delves into the signature dubby style that has become synonymous with his name. The selection embodies the essence of his sound, moving straight into the depths of hardware-driven, atmospheric soundscapes—each beat and echo a testament to the artist’s profound connection with the analog realm.

01. Brendon Moeller – Beast of Space
02. Forest Drive West – Tar
03. Purelink – In Circuits
04. Innerst Inne – Skogen
05. Luigi Tozzi – Salina
06. Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive
07. Tilliander – Unreleased 1
08. Tamo Hesselink – Does It Matter
09. Tilliander – Oroia
10. Vril – Unwelt
11. JakoJako – Amygdala
12. Dubplanet X – Azie
13. Tilliander – Unreleased 2