Orb Podcast 068: Moon Patrol

Moon Patrol, the dynamic duo of Irina Kotik and Gilles Wasserman, is the creative synergy of two minds at the helm of the Brooklyn-based magazine, Delayed. In their shared venture, they skillfully translate profound emotions into music, weaving soft melodies and evolving ambiances to craft silky journeys both in their DJ sets and productions.

For the 68th episode of Orb Podcast, Moon Patrol explored the realms of halftime—inspired by their experience at the Paral.lel Festival—resulting in a unique auditory experience, featuring names like Pessimist, Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, and Varuna, among others.

01. Mjulev – Starlight
02. Shoal – Digital Swamp
03. Primal Code – Adansonia
04. Dino Sabatini – Piena Lunae
05. Absis – Speed Traces
06. Sindh – Qalât
07. Yogg – They Want It All
08. Sciama – Indignation
09. Estrato Aurora – Hilos de Fósforo
10. Pessimist – Pagans
11. Vardae – Mirage
12. Donato Dozzy – Tao
13. Marco Shuttle – Flauto Sintetico

14. Varuna – Trackjam
15. BLNDR – Untitled 2
16. Yushh – OXI Ambigan