Orb Podcast 066: Evigt Mörker

When we talk about contemporary Scandinavian techno, it’s nearly impossible not to mention the name of Evigt Mörker. Under this alias, Karl Linehagen earned his place as a prominent and leading figure when it comes to techno outputs from the Lands of the North. Meticulously assembling the influences from his surroundings, he reflects with captivating force the emitting natural energy. Throughout his work, certain aspects are revealed, sensed, and envisioned as they swoop down from his eclectic and high-level aesthetic fortress.

Whether finding himself in the studio or behind the decks, the tireless Swedish producer invokes a strangely blissful dynamic delivered on a heavily atmospheric basis. His ability to interchange rhythmical and dynamic aspects between ambient and deep, melodic textures creates alluring yet unsettling soundscapes of contrasting fervor. Evigt Mörker’s first record was in 2013, exploring the realms of ambient and techno interconnectedness. Since then, while he continues to master his craft, he has produced eight more EPs and two full-lengths on his own label or on imprints such as Semantica, Konstrukt, and Northern Electronics.

Having sheer confidence in textural alternation, Evigt Mörker provides a glimmering addition to the Orb Podcast series with his gentle touch. This mix consists of tracks that he had played recently, together with some that originate from his record collection. In its gradual unfolding, refined hypnotic grooves delicately fuse with atmospheric vapors backed up by perforating percussion motifs, puncturing outlines, and palpitating cuts. The seamless transitions between the rhythmic core and melodic submersions showcase his skill and musical depth, revealing an innate understanding of the impact of electronic sound.