Orb Podcast 065: Alfred Czital

Alfred Czital, a true representative of Harmony Rec. collective, brings his distinctive mixing methods to the forefront of electronic music. As a co-founder of the label and a resident DJ at Prague’s Ankali nightclub, Alfred merges funky and groovy sounds with his signature melodic and energetic twists. His lifestyle mirrors his musical artistry, reflecting a vibrant and unconventional spirit that infuses his sets.

Now, Alfred Czital shapes a unique narrative with his mix for this Orb Podcast episode. The soundscape undulates with grooves, swooshes, and electrifying sparks, all while maintaining a remarkable sense of fluidity. The mix introduces a new dimension to Alfred’s repertoire, as he ventures into a 170bpm territory for the first time.

A showcase of his diverse musical tastes, the mix curates an array of ultimate favorites collected from the 80/160bpm range, including his upcoming release, seamlessly intertwined to form a captivating sonic experience.

01. Ouija – Meet Me At The Lab (v belom)
02. Tifra – International Waters (Roza Terenzi Remix)
03. Solange – Stay Flo (Morwell Remix)
04. Ebbs n Flow – Spy Kids
05. LOIF & Ménage – LSDNB
06. Step Ball Chain – Recess
07. Need For Mirrors – Bully
08. Gent1e $oul – Geomagnetic Reversal
09. Sustance – Temperance
10. Zero T – The Underground
11. Amor Satyr – Quer Dançar
12. Byron Yeates – Waves
13. QZB – Underneath
14. Elpac – Baziak
15. D. Tiffany – Ghost Filter
16. dBridge & Kabuki – Lose Yourself
17. Alfred Czital & Vand – Wuwuwu