Orb Podcast 064: The Advent

On a steady and highly passionate course since the dawn of the techno sound, Cisco Ferreira, also known as The Advent, employs his creative volition to keep his production and performing engines running hot. A pivotal figure for the whole genre with successful studies in the sound engineering field in the late ’80s, he regularly delves into the production zone while still managing to ride the techno currents to raze bit by bit the genre’s barriers.

Since his move to London in ’75 from Madeira, Portugal, his college years, his first clubbing experience with the trending acid house in ’87 until his first track in ’88, Cisco has been playing a vital role in the scene we know now, which can also be counted by his more-than-hundred EPs and albums, together with his label Kombination Research. From an early attendee to the UK’s underground scene to his numerous accomplishments and contributions, he continues to write his legacy by fulfilling his creative vision and having a strong ambition, whether in the studio or at the decks.

Grooving and swooshing with electro sparks, recurring and syncopating percussion, high-pitched echoes, and perpetual, textural grains, The Advent selection for the 64th Orb Podcast walks on the genre’s shaping up through past and current sonic terrains. This multifaceted mix, a densely-decorated, pulsating amalgam of sharp edges and hypnotic passages, can also stand as a testament to Cisco’s refined taste and output, which stems from countless inspirations over many years of personal activity and involvement.