Orb Podcast 063: Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound emerged from the coastal town of Bognor Regis, a brainchild of the musically eclectic duo: B-Boy Orson Bramley and guitarist Martin Brown. United by their shared adoration for hip-hop, electro, ’70s electronica, Visage, and Cabaret Voltaire, the duo embarked on a journey to create music that both moved the dance floor and embraced an unmistakable sense of humor.

Unafraid to laugh at themselves, Transparent Sound carved their own path within the electro scene, steering clear of the traditional po-faced demeanor. Even in their press releases, they cheekily confessed to not fully grasping the inner workings of their equipment, preferring to “fiddle and tinker until a good noise comes out.”

The release of their retrospective album, Accidents 1994-2023, on Tresor this year was met with excitement, compiling dancefloor hits like “Punk Mother Fucker” and “No Call From New York,” alongside reimagined classics and previously unreleased gems.

Recently, Martin gracefully retired from the stage after overcoming a life-threatening illness. However, Orson continues Transparent Sound’s pursuit with unwavering dedication, shaping the studio’s ongoing productions and delivering exhilarating live hardware performances and DJ sets.

For the latest Orb Podcast, Transparent Sound delivers an electrifying mix, showcasing a blend of old and new tunes with a focus on Electro and Detroit-inspired techno/electro hybrids. Skillfully swinging and swaying between styles, creating a dynamic blend that keeps the listener intrigued and engaged throughout.

01. Unknown Artist – White Label
02. Xenophone – XLC007
03. Some Kind of Kink – Red Snapper
04. World Night – The Advent
05. Luke Vibert – Traditions 10
06. Privacy – Python
07. Marco Passarani – Yellow
08. The Exaltics – It Not What It Seems
09. London Modular Alliance – Stray
01. DeFeKT – Dont Stop
10. Zobol – Csape Goat
11. Ninechecker – Generating Coastline
12. Alberta Balsam – Multidimensional