Orb Podcast 061: Milena Glowacka

Captivating audiences with her distinct sonic explorations, the Polish techno producer and DJ Milena Glowacka, has been forging her own distinctive style, characterized by a blend of hypnotic, trippy techno and dystopian soundscapes since 2013.

As a resident artist at the Drugi Dom club in Gdynia, she curates the Pulse Direct Drive series. She appeared also with releases on Semantica Records, Delirio, and recently on Inner Tension. In addition to her musical pursuits, Milena has composed music for the film Concrete Circumstance.

Milena Glowacka takes the helm for the latest Orb Podcast, delivering a hypnotic techno mix that will transport you to a world of dense, trippy, and dancefloor-ready sounds. Inspired by the releases on Blazej Malinowski’s Inner Tension label, Milena curated an hour-long journey filled with meticulously chosen records from her personal collection.