Orb Podcast 060: Adam Pits

Establishing himself within the vibrant landscape of contemporary dance music, Adam Pits has garnered recognition through notable releases on esteemed labels such as Holding Hands, Coastal Haze, Planet Euphorique, and HAWS. As well as securing a coveted residency with the renowned Leeds party On Rotation, Adam’s presence in the scene is undeniable.

Driven by an insatiable passion for expansive, captivating melodies and relentless, pulsating rhythms, Adam’s distinctive productions traverse the boundaries of many styles. His sonic creations embody a harmonious fusion of genres, effortlessly defying categorization and mood limitations, thanks to his innate musical intuition.

For the 60th episode of Orb Podcast, Adam Pits flawlessly translates the essence of his own productions into the mix and it’s a true example of the style of DJing that he’s currently trying to achieve. A combination of driving atmospheric beats with intricate details and a somewhat cinematic aesthetic is where his heart is at right now.

Synthetic Serenity is your second LP on On Rotation, how would you describe the album and how it differs from your debut?

Adam Pits: It’s a reflection of my fascination with sound design. My aim was to create an immersive experience that touched on all of the influences that have brought me here today. I guess it’s a sonic progression from the first album—moving towards a more refined, technical body of work.

What’s coming next for you after your new album?

AP: I’ve got a couple of releases in the works. All touching on different vibes and genres. My constant fear of becoming bored with music production is driving my necessity to try new sonic journeys. It’s not always music that necessarily resonates with my soul, but I always come away from each project with new knowledge and influence.