Orb Podcast 055: Daniel[i]

The Belgian DJ and producer Daniel Danieli known for his Daniel[i] project takes inspiration from the natural world, from which he’s developed his own dubby, textured and emotional sound. Having released on many labels throughout the years, it’s on his own platform, Whispering Signals, that he has created his most recent concept of music, a place for him to experiment and host like-minded artists.

Mixing the analog and digital world is key for Daniel[i]. The idea is to continuously sample his own library, until the patterns are clear enough to be used as a flow or groove. Tracks are created without following a fixed template or idea, but using Ableton as a trusted companion to express and modify improvised feelings and jams that were created on analog gear or digital software.

His recent project oooooooo, a vinyl-only label with Rambadu initiates new connections between producers by providing a place to share knowledge and explore realms of creativity, free from any boundaries. Rambadu and Daniel[i] invite people to express their own form of symbiosis. The first release is produced by them, expressing a 13-min long meditative piece.

For the 55th episode of Orb Podcast, Daniel[i] states that “the idea behind this mix is simple, I wanted an eclectic, yet subjective mix of danceable grooves. This mix features some of my favourite dancefloor tracks played this year during my Brandwerk residency. The result is nothing less than an instant selection from my DJ playlists, going from tribal to psychedelic, and melodic to deeply contemplative. Nothing was planned, everything was subject to improvisation.”

01. Forest On Stasys – Deja Vu
02. Sindh – Koyul
03. natural/electronic.system. & Neel – Sinistra
04. Baby Ford & Eon – Dead Eye
05. Shoal – Multiplicity
06. Markus Suckut – Dust
07. Evigt Mörker – Ljusets Storm
08. Skee Mask – Cylo
09. Conforce – Meuse-Plain
10. D&S – Modular Synthesis
11. Skee Mask – 800AB
12. Marco Shuttle – 4Dimensional Soundwaves
13. Seefeel – Time to Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)
14. Jeff Mills – Gata
15. Daniel[i] – Opunt I
16. PRG/M – Giardini e Pelagi
17. Ruben Ganev – Soltu Dub
18. IORI – Under The Water (Wata Igarashi Remix)
19. Forest Drive West – STVVV
20. Alan Backdrop – Siaka
21. queniv – Vrij
22. Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – Tecken 3
23. Jichael Mackson – Space
24. Eduardo De La Calle – My Own Transition
25. JakoJako – Deine Augen