Orb Podcast 053: Pattrn

Sonic experiments derived from syncopated rhythms, intricately crafted ambiances, and patiently evolving textures, Pattrn’s work as a producer is rooted in the perception of time and space. Playing violin since the age of four and later on majoring in both acousmatic music composition and sound engineering, Pattrn’s precision is the fruit of a lifelong dedication to music of all forms, from creation in itself or through his implications in Brussels’ scene. 

Beyond the years of technical know-how and self-improvement in production, DJing, and live sets, Brice Deloose aka Pattrn has been an active member of the local scene for quite some time. Co-creator of FTRSND, Brussels By Night Federation, Initiate, as well as having been the artistic director of Fuse club, Pattrn has spent much of his time promoting local artists and collectives to push forward Brussels’ underground. 

For the 53rd episode of Orb Podcast, Pattrn explains the story behind the mix: “As for all my sets, the key ingredients are going with the flow and trying to tell a story with various colours and textures while keeping an underlying theme to keep some kind of consistency. The story I wanted to tell is somehow coming from a relaxed outdoors vibe at dawn: the sun goes down, a fire gets lightened up and people start to dance like crazy around it. The shamanic, trance-state and nature feeling was somehow my guideline through the whole thing.”

01. Polygonia – Ominous Fog
02. Pattrn – Katano (Sebastian Mullaert’s second link)
03. Rambadu – I Himal
04. Pattrn – The Foggy Way
05. Svreca – Ebisu (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)
06. Dycide – Eruca
07. Artjom Schmidt – Immortal
08. Lunar Convoy – Seswenna
09. Daniel[i] – Hegrei
10. Kangding Ray – Onde Mantis
11. Pattrn – Ritual
12. Pattrn – Freeze