Orb Podcast 051: Cabaret Du Ciel

Experimental electronic group mixing guitars with synthesizers, effects, loops, and samples, Cabaret Du Ciel was founded in 1986 in Treviso, Italy by Luigi Morosin, initially as an ambient solo project. In 1989, Andrea Desiderà joined the project, beginning a new musical approach, more focused on electro-acoustic instrumentation. Their first two demos, Weather Colours and Raintears, were released in 1991 on Ionisation Tapes. Around the same time, Cabaret du Ciel started a series of live shows closely related to
video art, with music accompanying slideshows of abstract landscapes. The soundtrack of these shows, Skies in the Mirror, was released in 1992 on cassette via Ionisation Tapes.

Fast forward to 2021, The Breath of Infinity on Quindi Records presents their very first new recordings in 27 years and aspires to reveal once and for all the music of this unique project, whose roots reach back to the ethno-avant-garde of the ’70s (the new cover for Skies in the Mirror is by the legendary Ariel Kalma) and encompass subsequent genres (New Age, Ambient Techno, Leftfield), up to a completely contemporary sound.

For the latest Orb Podcast episode, Luigi Morosin explains the process, “sometimes a playlist is a good thing for a music listener because you have to select some important tracks at a specific moment in order to give the selected audience your musical taste. As I am passionate about enjoying music, the invitation to compile a playlist always excites me. The main problem might be the output i.e. what will come out is just my mood in that selection. (Good) vibes, memories, connections to my huge music archive are the main ideas behind the mix. But possible mixing solutions between (sounds or beats) tracks sometimes results in unexpected new sounds and this is pure emotion for me.”

01. Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
02. Matera Electronics – Water
03. Richard H. Kirk – Freezone
04. Thom Brennan – The Path Not Taken
05. Clannad – In Flight
06. Talvin Singh – Butterfly
07. Mobthrow – Black Fluid
08. Oolon – Post Ronaldo
09. System 7 – Kupuri
10. Madteo – Str8 Crooked
11. Jimmy Batt – Magic Garden
12. Burial & Four Tet – Nova
13. Slowdive – Good Day Sunshine
14. Cabaret du Ciel – Sunset Parade March (Remix)
15. Autechre – Bike
16. Higher Intelligence Agency – Selenite
17. The Sabres of Paradise – R.S.D.
18. B12 – Satori
19. Nemo Vachez – Free Diving
20. System 7 – Song for the Phoenix
21. Can – Vitamin C (UNKLE Mix)