Orb Podcast 050: Polygonia

Lindsey Wang, the mind behind Polygonia, is a versatile musician and artist based in Munich, Germany. A long time before her electronic music journey began, she explored the realms of several acoustic instruments intensively. This skill combined with studies of various other art forms, inspired the artist to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition, and experimentalism into the digital music language. Her sound identity is driven by a mystic, deep and organic character which is enriched with acoustic elements, built into the genres of deep techno, downtempo and ambient. Together with Dycide and MTRL, she is the founder of the ambient and deep techno label IO.

Polygonia’s take on the 50th episode of the Orb Podcast is “meant to warm the listeners’ thoughts and soul a bit and prepare them for the next season in which we can finally dance together once more. Since we still have to wait a bit for these moments—at least in my part of the world—I created this journey which is also very suitable for listening at home or anywhere besides the dancefloor. The story of this mix is guiding one’s mind through many different colors of sound, sometimes it reveals rich harmonics and shifts after a while to a mood that is completely driven by complex sound design and hypnotic patterns. Like that, you can either dance to it or you can lie down, just enjoy all those fascinating sounds and let them carry you away to another place which is out of this world.”

“I collected records that recently stood out to me in terms of special sound design and extraordinary grooves. I was looking for some interesting breakbeat gems since I really dig the energy of such rhythms, but I also searched for harmonic stuff which makes my heart feel a bit warmer during these cold days here in Munich. And of course, I never leave out the hypnotizing techno tools in my collections for a set, it is a must when I play. When I prepared this mix, I chose tracks I like from artists or labels which I know personally to support them, and as well tracks that inspire me in a certain way and fit the concept I had for this occasion. And like almost always, I selected some released and unreleased tracks of my own discography which I felt could fit into this composition of sound works.”

01. Syz – Du Rong
02. Mordio – NoNu
03. Pianeti Sintetici – Magrathea (Unreleased)
04. Other Form – Mirrorpath
05. Polygonia – Hamadryas Amphinome (Unreleased)
06. Laima Adealide – Glow (Unreleased)
07. Luigi Tozzi – Taravan
08. Mike Parker – Bleepazoid (Part 2)
09. PCP – Psilocyber
10. Birds ov Paradise – Clara
11. Polygonia – Geronticus Eremita (Unreleased)
12. Primal Code – A-Breeze
13. Polygonia – Drifting Clouds
14. Notzing – Sōgi
15. Pause – Eyasi
16. Etapp Kyle – Sakura
17. Moonpatrol – Moofter
18. Laura BCR – Tryptamine
19. Altstadt Echo – Her Eyes Tightly Closed (Szare Remix)
20. Doltz – Kusabi