Orb Podcast 043: Forest On Stasys

The creativity of Forest On Stasys is influenced by tribal minimalist techno of the nineties and the current deep and most abstract techno. In his tracks, the most seductive elements are the use of resonant basses combined with long and reverberated pads, extensive sonorous landscapes that are modified by a continuous movement of LFO, solid grooves, and strident percussions.

But not everything that comes out of his head is created with an intention to be used on the dance floor. Forest On Stasys has great admiration for drone and ambient tracks, without a rhythmic pattern that predominates, where the main factor is to captivate the listener with melodies that can be marked by a strong melancholy or with notes that give a certain feeling of satisfaction depending on his current mood.

At the beginning of 2019, he released his first work A Vision Of Light on Danza Nativa, where currently he is one of the pillars of the label based in Buenos Aires. Since then, he released a string of EPs on Subosc, Harmony Rec., and Lowless Music.

For this week’s Orb Podcast, Forest On Stasys tells us “the idea behind the mix is to show the music that has influenced me lately in terms of labels and artists, I feel that the connection is in tribal music and the different ways that it was evolved and how it is interpreted by different artists.” As of the record choices, he continues: “the selection of the records flowed naturally, although I spent several days listening to music I am fascinated by the work that these artists are doing, they have some timelessness in their music, they sound totally fresh.”

01. DJ Deep – Swamps
02. Velmondo & Iro Aka – Altar
03. Gilb’R – Я не хочу знать
04. OPL & Worg – Iride
05. Dino Sabatini – Lewa
06. Konduku – Gris Vs Beyaz Küp
07. Bambounou – Send When You Land
08. Fóvea Unreleased
09. Amandra – In Effigia
10. Konduku – The Restless
11. Primitive Urges – A1
12. Priori – Sleepyhead
13. Shoal – 108
14. Fred P – Electric Vibrations (Transatlantic Beat Edit)
15. Amandra & Karim – Sqala 3 (Forest Drive West Remix)
16. Dorisburg – Rhythm Paint
17. Talismann – Trybal Beat
18. queniv – Viewpoint Clarity
19. Fred P – Substance 4
20. Sunju Hargun feat. Tulwai – อากาศ (Vocapella)
21. Oliver Ho – Light And Dark Part Eight (A1)