Orb Podcast 041: Mark Flash

“With me, it’s always been about the music. I don’t care how famous you think you are… I will always stand behind my music, not in front of it.” — Mark Flash

The Detroit native got his first set of turntables in 1979 and taught himself the meaning of struggle as he began the process of spinning at small parties, trying to build himself up. In the mid-‘80s, Mark was determined not to stop. Due to the work required in promotions, he was a busy man. He seemed to be everywhere at once, yet extremely hard to find. Mark Flash was not a name he chose, but one that was given to him by fans, and it stuck. Beyond that, the music was something that had been a part of his life as far back as he could remember.

Thanks to a tip from a long-time friend, DJ Rolando, one of the Underground Resistance members, Flash began flexing his musicianship as a behind-the-scenes producer for the house music label, Soul City, merging House, Techno, Latin/Brazilian Soul, and Funk. Flash has since joined forces with Los Hermanos (Gerald Mitchell and Ray 7), Timeline (De’Sean Jones, Jon Dixon, Mark Flash, Mike Banks), Depth Charge (Mark Flash and Mike Banks) strictly Detroit style and more recently started his own band known as D3 (Detroit Trio Live) with Jon Dixon and De’Sean Jones.

For this week’s Orb Podcast, Mark Flash tells us that “the idea [of the mix] is to heal the soul and get people to try and forget their worries, at least for a little while, and help them to remember what it was like before the pandemic and vision what it will be like in the future.”

01. CZR – Bad Enough
02. Kiko Navarro – Everything Happens For A Reason 
03. RISC – 1 of 12 
04. RISC – Drummers Pulse 
05. Unknown
06. Dannis Winston – Rocket Love
07. Unknown
08. Halt & Catch Fire – RAIZE (Mark Flash Rework)
09. Unknown
10. Copyright – Warrior Dance
11. Mark Flash – Spirit Messenger
12. Jon Dixon – Paulista Ave
13. Gershon Jackson – Take It Easy (Mike Dunn’s BlackBall Ezee Mixx)
14. Underground Resistance – Timeline