Orb Podcast 033: Caldera

After starting out producing ambient, hip-hop and drum & bass, Malte Schumann gave birth to his Caldera alias to create a unique and personal blend of techno, house and bass music. With a love for detail, he constructs immersive soundscapes filled with emotions and a passion for something that sounds different. Besides his dedicated sound design, Caldera likes to experiment with drum and vocal samples to create unique rhythms that might seem weird at first. Yet this weirdness gives his music a recognizable and distinct character.

Since the start of his moniker, Caldera has released one full-length album, four EPs, as well as singles and remixes on labels such as Noorden, WNCL Recordings, Ornate Music, and his co-founded Riviera Club imprint. The German native is now based in Brighton, UK, where he is a resident at the well-acclaimed Patterns club. For this week’s Orb podcast, Caldera showcases his mixing style throughout a 1-hour trip filled with deep, serious and groovy cuts, featuring artists such as Objekt, A Made Up Sound, Function, Acronym, and Terekke among others.

01. Knowone 014 – Untitled A1
02. Roger Gerressen – Untitled 6
03. Rai Scott – Forgotten Sleep
04. Chaos In The CBD – Kaitaia Fire
05. Cabasa – It’s Trying To Talk To Me
06. BLNDR – Mental Stretching (Incantation 1)
07. Gëinst – Shape Your Accent
08. Otik – Beliefs (Forthcoming Nous Disques)
09. Archivist & Fugal – Far Horizon (Acronym Remix)
10. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – F5
11. Charles Green – Reference Intake
12. Q3A – Temple Of Retribution
13. A Made Up Sound – Thin Air
14. Objekt – The Stitch-Up
15. Function – Immolare (Osaka Version)
16. Q3A – The Nameless Place
17. Fugal – Arrival
18. Terekke – Swim