Orb Podcast 013: Derango

Derango is a two-man psychedelic trance project founded by Jens & Ola Eriksson in Sweden, sometime during the year 2000. Both of them originally from Örebro, Sweden, but now living in Malmö, were members of various alternative rock bands between 1995 and 1999. At the end of this period, their interest in electronic music had grown so strong it could no longer be held back.

Jens & Ola’s shared interest in electronic music initiated the creation of one of the most avant-garde psychedelic projects, Derango. After releasing in numerous compilations during the early 2000s, they published their debut album Tumult on Inpsyde Media in 2005. The highly acclaimed album is regarded to be one of the milestones of the psychedelic trance music.

Beside Derango, Jens & Ola Eriksson are also behind NGE Duo aka Nils Göran Erixon Duo. This project is an intelligent sonic amalgamation of glitchy chill beats and progressive chill-out fusing ideas from breakbeat, drum and bass, ambient, electro, and post-jazz fusion. They are also active as solo musicians; Ola was part of the psychedelic band Bland Bladen, Hooffoot, Mantric Muse, Øresund Space Collective, and Sibirien. On the other hand, Jens with his project Doctor Evazan is an established hip-hop beatmaker with love for dark flavoured dirty beats and hypnotic soundscapes. He has already five self-released albums. Out of his impressive catalogue of self-released albums, Jens made a selection of various tunes from each album and gathered them in one single album called Fold Reality, released on Oval Harmonique in 2016.

The duo is also active with their solo projects in the psychedelic scene, an indicator of their curiosity to explore and simultaneously challenge themselves with new projects. Jens is behind Purosurpo which was previously known as Puro, and after releasing several tracks on various compilations, he released an album with his drone and ambient creations called Weirdo Wondering Wood Worlds in 2008, as part of the Sanaton Audio Trips on Sanaton Records. Last year, he released his first solo EP on a split label release between Sanaton & Devils Mind Records. He has also released tracks with other collaborative projects, such as Parallell Karusell, Syzygy, and Breakfast Bouncers. Ola is active with his psytrance, drum & bass and downtempo music solo project Ghostscent since 2016. Approaching this style with his unique and vast musical background and two decades of explorations in experimental music, the outcome is warm, organic and multilayered music in his very own style.

On top their work with Derango and solo projects, they are both involved in the Hallucinogenic Horses project, a spontaneous psychedelic music collaboration between the Sanaton Records collective and friends. In 2012, they released their debut full-length album The Golden Years – The Very Best Off on Lost Theory Records.

The creativity of Derango is a full expression of the psychedelic experience transferred in music. Their huge sound pictures are created combining a solid-warm base with on the top waves of sounds from synths and samples in a constant change and movement. The result is a unique wrapping effect that gives to the listeners on one side the safe feeling of the belonging to mother earth womb, and on the other side, the challenge of discovering and understanding that our mind and spirit have no borders.

For the first time in their career, Derango deliver an exclusive retrospective 60 minute live set for Orb Podcast series. Their music is like a visual, and the experienced listener will be carried away.

What is the idea behind the mix? How did you choose the records in it?

Ola Eriksson: I tried to cover all the years in 1 hour, not easy with so many tracks to choose from. Also, I wanted to squeeze in something from our solo projects.

What are your plans for 2018? Are we expecting another Derango album?

Ola Eriksson: Derango production is in a deep sleep. There will be no Derango album or single releases as it looks now. I am continuing to produce, and I plan to release an album with my solo project Ghostscent, and Jens is doing his Doctor Evazan beats at the moment.

01. Derango – Slugy
02. Derango – Interstellar Lagoon
03. Derango – Clairvoyage
04. Derango – Mellan Mitten
05. Derango – Rusakula
06. Derango – The Hole In The Ground rmx
07. Derango – Tilter (Part 1)
08. Derango – Irrbloss Part II
09. Purosurpo – Garmonbozia
10. Derango – Tilter (Part 2)
11. Derango – All Channels Open
12. Ghostscent & Inzect – Urknallen