Orb Podcast 011: Karsten Pflum

Jacob Helverskov Madsen or better known for his alias Karsten Pflum discovered his affinity for music-making at a very young age. At first, he played instruments in various bands, to later realise his interest in electronic music. Pflum purchased his first Akai S2000 Sampler and a Roland MC-50 Sequencer, which resulted in his first musical project. Pflum’s sound is an indicator of his distinct taste in music, which was triggered by many factors that surrounded him, including his friends and places he lived—Bangladesh, Zambia, and later Germany.

As an electronic music producer and DJ from Denmark, Pflum has been writing music for over fifteen years. Pflum released his debut album Tracks in 2003 on Worm Interface. Since then, due to his work as a producer but also as a performer, Karsten Pflum’s releases have been considered as highly distinctive. With nine albums in his discography, numerous EPs, singles, and remixes, Pflum has been bringing his sound in different events ranging from festivals, concerts, and radio programs.

In 2014, Pflum started to perform in events such as sleep concerts, where he creates live ambient and drone soundscapes all through the night, while people sleep or rest in comfy beds. In January 2017, Karsten released Sleep Concert, his nine-hour long album containing 13 parts, released on Hymen Records, representing Pfulm’s long cooperation with Hymen Records, a label he released three previous albums, No Noia My Love (2011), Sleepwald (2013), and Dode (2015). Pflum has also collaborated with labels such as Rump Recordings, Ad Noiseam, and Mindwaves.

For this occasion, Karsten Pflum brings an eclectic one-hour set, mixing playful tunes and genres, including IDM and drum & bass with satirical funky beats, indicating his tendencies to explore new ways of reaching his audience using an exceptional level of technicality and music choice.

01. J. Tijn – Fifty-Three
02. Leonce – Jungle
03. Leonce – Insurgency
04. Anti-G – La Duro Sonido
05. Sqz Me & Ghostek – Bogus System
06. Spoko & Aguayo – Esquina
07. Dominowe – Newlands Mgido
08. Sqz Me & Ghostek – U Don’t Know
09. DJ Nigga Fox – Weed
10. DJ Nigga Fox – Hwwambo
11. Kking Kong – No Mussulo
12. DJ Firmeza – Suposto
13. Mala – Hunter
14. Distance – Fallen
15. Tsvi – The Healer
16. J. Tijn – Shmudge
17. Mak & Pasteman – It’s Dis
18. DJ Nigga Fox – Um Ano
19. Danny Scrilla – Riddim
20. Special Request – Replicant
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Shangaan Shake
22. Fracture, DJ Spinn & Taso – Acid Claps
23. Richie Brains – The Nine Two Three
24. System – The Voices
25. Source Direct – The Cult Remix (The Initiation Test)
26. Alix Perez – Gully Halves
27. dBridge – Average Echo
28. Shield & Submarine – March Of Giants
29. dBridge and Skeptical – Move Way
30. Skeptical – Loophole
31. Halogenix – Shank
32. Kid Drama – Red Magic
33. Om Unit – Bardo Realms
34. Mikal feat Xtrah – At The Controls
35. Red One – Kung Fu Fresh
36. FIS – Wise Man
37. Horsepower Productions – Legends