Orb Premieres: October 2023

Well-within the seemingly most creative season of the year, many of us are trying to find or already enjoy some mid-autumn delight. While the daytime shrinks a bit each day, attention leans towards cozy spaces where we can cherish some moments of companionship or, alternatively, spend some quality time alone. Still, a remedy for those long nights can be an artistic exhibition despite its form or output. In that context, Orb Premieres: October 2023 includes twelve divergent compositions for those precious occasions. Each of them contains a different type of emotion that would either spark the mood or provide the means for an immersive and thoughtful break.

Simone Gatto – Danza Cosciente

Simone Gatto conjures a phantasmagoric soundscape called “Danza Cosciente”, drawing its captivating ambiance as the atmospheric yet alluring low keys form a strong bond with enchanting mid-frequencies and tones. This track is part of the LUCE VA collection from the Italian label Substrato.

Josef Gaard – Ghost dB

Josef Gaard’s “Ghost dB” employs fast-paced kicks, grainy textures, and alerting chimes and hats that aim towards a noticeably uplifting tempo, surrounded by a draping, cold breeze for an otherworldly frantic invocation. This creation is one of the two on the self-released Devojian Triad EP.

Lord of the Magi – Soul Exchange

“Soul Exchange” is an emotive and multidimensional piece by Lord of the Magi which produces, with its slow, eluding maneuvers and soothingly moody noise additions, an ethereal, chromatic, and elevating sonic experience. The track is included in the track-titled LP and digital release on Danish Tartelet Records.

Tilliander – Veia

Tilliander’s outlandishly deep poundings and subtly screeching echoes in ”Veia” align their consistent dynamic with ensnaring, twisted tones, and textures to create a prolonged hypnotic current. “Veia” is one of the two original tracks in Kronotop EP on Kvalia Records.

Pugilist & Tamen – Extract

Pugilist & Tamen’s swinging sounds in “Extract” shape a soulful and groovily playful piece, harmonized with a drilling, wobbling pulse, and covert, machine-like, unsettling vocal samples. This composition is taken from the Looking Out EP on London’s imprint Rupture.

Oscean – Neon Harmonies (The Other Version)

The alternative version of ”Neon Harmonies” by Oscean applies a deep-toned, somewhat cavernous, tension following the rhythmic, energetic complexity and dizzying quickness of its colliding fluctuations. Together with its original version, ”Neon Harmonies” is found on the Chronium Radiance LP on Tresor Records.

Lok44 – Stranger

Lok44’s opalescent and eclectic electro bumping in ”Stranger” manifests its full projection among distorted textural grinds of electrifying clippings, atmospheric gusts, and curvaceous quirkiness. This track is taken from the Late Reaction EP on Pomelo Records.

Moritz von Oswald – Colpo

The haunting chanting of Moritz von Oswald’s ”Colpo” is a symbiotic séance between vocals and enduring synths, attempting to form an equilibrium between the organic chorus and the artificial parts in the duration of which an unnerving, led-by-sound, and mental ascension takes place. This spectral creation is included in the Silencio LP on Tresor Records.

ZentaSkai – Mind Mapping

On “Mind Mapping,” ZentaSkai illuminates the path towards a psychic respite amidst a percussive, pace-setting storm for a conclusive sense of deliverance, in a soundscape where melodies intertwine and induce a euphoric feeling of gradual weightlessness. “Mind Mapping” is part of The Architecture Of The Mind LP on MASK’s catalog.

Doctrina Natura – Distant Footsteps

Doctrina Natura’s “Distant Footsteps” is an immersion into infinitely shifting ethereal waves that form synapses and celebrate their existence in an eerie, abstract playground while hovering over blissful textures reminiscent of the liberating, oceanic fathoms. The track is part of Indefinite Pitch Ambient Matter. Series 1 VA collection.

Better Corners – Continuous Miracles

The “Continuous Miracles” by Better Corners is a tender, dream-like sequence that inspires an innate craving for simplicity and an inclination for distancing from noise, acting as an absorbing yet meditative but also joyous sonic flow capable of nurturing a range of positive feelings. This track is found on the second album of Better Corners, bearing the same title.

Noamm – Electroporation

Noamm’s “Electroporation” spreads solid electro sparks inside a fully-charged vortex, maintaining a steady course over sleek bleeping fields and fueled up by edgy pulsations and contorted arrangements. This one is found on Electroporation EP from the Tiger Weeds catalogue.