Orb Premieres: May 2023

As summer slowly opens its welcoming arms, it seems like a proper occasion to traverse the seasons with the first monthly summary of the artists hosted on last month’s premieres. This overview builds a bridge between the platform and the various contributions from producers and record labels that shared their latest works on our channel. Hopefully, it will be an easy way to connect yourselves with the material, which is available in this feature, and keep up with what you may have probably missed during the previous month. So, without further ado, find Orb Premieres: May 2023 list below:

William Selman – Frigidaire Idylls

William Selman provokes the dancing of lavish flora and invites us to listen to their echoes and dive into a calming yet soothing bliss. From The Weather Indoors LP, “Frigidaire Idylls” is a conversation between the human senses and nature’s enigmatic language.

Type-303 – Like A Dragon

Pouring acid on engaging breaks, Type-303’s “Like A Dragon” hovers over sleek terrains and brings forth a genuine projection of pinches and blurs of a well-received old-school nature. The track is extracted from Viti EP found on the UK’s highly-acclaimed label Super Rhythm Trax.

Rambadu – En Viron

A highly immersive and atmospheric-heavy track, “En Viron” from Rambadu is a long meditative journey that captivates with its natural textures. This creation “builds” on our human need for environmental connection and attempts to tie our loose, subconscious ends to the universal cosmic threads.

n_o – You Deserve Beauty And Spa Juice

Slamming beats and vibes of warehouse rave proportions, n-o’s “You Deserve Beauty And Spa Juice” gives back some of the energy that slowly accumulates at the peak moment of the dancefloor. This first release on his personal label Manual Smiles showcases the successful involvement of the Belgian producer in the old-school techno sound with tints of modern enhancements.

Feph & Mr. Tron – Crankshaft (Feral Remix)

Deep and ritualistic, this remix from Feral on Feph & Mr. Tron’s “Crankshaft” is a work of brain-frying sound design and granular, cosmic abstraction that shows the way to the darkest, essence-wise, spiritual corners. Heavy bass lines and creaking cuts ramp up the force fields and induce a feeling of unease with nocturnal ambient drips.

Gacha Bakradze – Form

With an uplifting and serene pace, the “Form” of Gacha Bakradze harnesses the windy ambiance waves in warm, mind-soothing elegance. An emotional, eerie, yet enigmatic quest for deeper explorations in terms of sound, aesthetic, and meaning that flirts with obscure forms of unparalleled conscience reach.

Gemini – 7 15 PM

“7 15 PM” is more like a soothing symphony of colorful electronica patterns and fulfilling pads, reminiscing the lightness of the morning dew and the rejuvenation an early cooling breeze provides. This track from Gemini is part of the SSR Records compilation by Hi Scores and Crammed Discs, which includes a remastered version of several productions made between 1990 and 1996.

Vand – Stairs To Pinetum

The hypnotic pace leading high up the “Stairs of Pinetum” is backed up by relaxing, deep, and heavily pulsating tones as Vand distinctively weaves the atmospheric surroundings. This track will be in the upcoming Konstrukt 018 EP, the next addition to the catalog of Konstrukt, released on the first day of summer.

Moy Santana – Dubbisima (Markus Suckut Remix)

Markus Suckut decorates Moy Santana’s “Dubbisima” with fast-pumping poundings and thundering bass strings, providing a rewarding dancing motif while lost in the vastness of cosmic dub electronics. As the track unfolds, it exhales vigorous and prancing textures with background additions that provide a sense of joyous fulfillment and longing for expression on the dance floor.

Quince – Ghost In The Machines

Quince summons the “Ghosts In The Machines” with this edgy, sharp-cutting track of beloved old-school techno nature while returning to production duties with this release. The grooviness in its synths and magnetizing basslines generates a highly appealing production, easily compared to the genre’s golden era, while slightly modified by modern techniques.

Altone – Obsession

In “Obsession,” Altone keeps the tempo to mid-level, mild frequencies in a progressive quest to unearth its subterranean, deep kicks as they cling to the transportive groove waves. This track is one of the four from the upcoming mini compilation Archive E about to be released on the 18th of July on vinyl and digital formats by the Dutch label spclnch.

Vinicius Honorio – Sem Rumo

Vinicius Honorio unleashes spinning hypnotic tunes to compliment the deep and robust percussion sequence in “Sem Rumo,” the title track of his upcoming EP on Blueprint. With a darker vibe with distinct atmospheric peaks and depths, the track’s progression makes someone lose themselves in its magnetizing loop.

Adam Pits – Synthetic Serenity

Adam Pits’ “Synthetic Serenity” is a futuristic human-machine seance that blends semi-organic and digitized sonic elements and provides a comforting yet euphoric energy. The title track is taken from his second full-length album, already available for pre-order in digital and vinyl format on UK’s On Rotation.

Temple Rat – Rooted in the Soil of your Heritage (Ft. Meta_)

Sea waves, ambient drips and bleeps storm on our mind’s shores as this ethereal creation of Temple Rat and Meta_ unfolds its spiritual and meditative patterns. This musical poem, influenced by East Asian ritualism, is included in The Composition of Air EP on Thailand’s Siamese Twins Records.