Orb Premieres: January 2024

Back to our regular routines, looking forward to another full year ahead, we welcomed January in all its cold glory. While we slowly get up and seize each day after our restful period, we tend to lean again to our passions, interests, and hobbies. That, of course, includes the new additions to our music collections from any upcoming or yet undiscovered release. Thus, as we get back on track, we present the first premiere summary of the new year featuring all those fresh tracks you can find on our platform.

While My Sequencer Gently Bleeps – Amber

Smooth and clean, “Amber” from While My Sequencer Gently Bleeps elusively sways through synthesised harmonic fields accompanied by a softly and pleasantly deep groove. The track is part of the OK EP on Unsure.

Behrang Mohammadi – Tears Only Fall From The Right Eye (Philipp Odd Dub Bach Remix)

Philipp Otterbach incorporates an orbiting dub outline to the subtly electro-graded composition of Behrang Mohammadi’s “Tears Only Fall From The Right Eye,” portraying an adventurous symbiosis on a vast jungle-like territory. That remix is on WUB003 EP on Berlin’s Warning label.

Plants Army Revolver – Rhythmic Rituals

The percussive frenzy in “Rhythmic Rituals” from Plants Army Revolver streams energetic bursts to the boiling padding patterns, gradually setting an obscurely hypnotic ceremony. That track is from the SENSE001 compilation, the first release of Sense Code.

Liquid DnB-Like Ambient Grime 2 – 02′ Garage Mix

Contorted bass tunes undulate on a gritty soundscape as Liquid DnB-Like Ambient Grime 2 ensures that “02’ Garage Mix”’s constantly reshaping course preserves the energy level emanating from its slow, rhythmic burn. That track is from Nuum EP on the Sneaker Social Club imprint.

Roma Zuckerman – Zuckerman_4CH005I

“Zuckerman_4CH005I” from Roma Zuckerman playfully grooves with distorted circulations and recurring vocal interventions that create glitchy, robotic-felt loops and mould a futuristic, highly rippling sonic surrounding. That one is from Roma Zuckerman’s Phenomenon of Provincial Mentality debut LP on Gost Zvuk.

Echelon – Host Galaxy

Echelon captures in “Host Galaxy” a transmission from unknown galactic origins to construct its message in an atmospheric piece, which provokes this ominous feeling of facing the unidentified, enigmatic manifestation of an extraterrestrial source. “Host Galaxy” is taken from the Intact Code LP on Lazy Reflex Complex.

Reseketz – Elision

Reseketz unveils his eclectically designed ethereal world named “Elision,” radiating with its remarkably light and pure aura for a voyage so pleasant and serene towards its depths. The track is from the Yet Another Odyssey EP on Nudata Records.

Anastasia Zems – Push the Tempo Down (Eklektique Remix)

Eklektique’s take on Anastasia Zems’ “Push the Tempo Down” is a well-balanced, mid-tempo experience with sly acidic motifs that are entangled in an uplifting setting and eager to surpass the layered barriers. The remix is part of the Atlantika EP by Anastasia Zems and is out on Alzaya Records.

Hans Berg – Rings

Heading to space for a trippy bouncing among the vibrant, microcosmic particle world of the ring of Saturn, Hans Berg’s “Rings” collects the energy from this reverberation and weaves a translucent and highly dynamic spiral expanding to the darkest cosmic borders. “Rings” is from the upcoming Metal, Air EP on UFO Station Recordings.