Orb Premieres: December 2023

December—the epilogue of the year—certainly comes with mixed feelings. Despite being, regarding the world’s majority, the most festive period, there are undoubtedly some thoughts about the general plans or directions for the future. Practically, how the new year would start, what we would like to change, achieve, etc. In this exploratory mood, we become more eager to receive and learn something new. On the other hand, this flow of mixed feelings and thoughts shapes a colorful routine. For both those moods, music can safely act as a curator for each. In that regard, our last premiere summary for 2023 includes all those hues and variety to keep you aligned with December’s mental conditions.

Celestium – Of the Planet

Eerie, tribal soundscapes bring our listening experience into a psychedelic euphoria as Celestium orchestrates with “Of the Planet” a slow-trance ritual amidst a primitive, tropical serenity. That is one of Celestium’s two tracks in the Delusions VA compilation released on Weirdos Inc. Records.

JK Flesh – PI11.2

Employing a parade of mesmerisingly crushing percussion over bolstering basslines in “PI 11.2,” JK Flesh conjures with forceful vibrations, and warping echoes a transcendental communion carried over by an obscurely hypnotic sequence. That track is taken from the PI11 EP release of Pi Electronics.

Grischerr – Earth in Forgetful Snow

Spicy acidic splashes cover the membrane of Grischerr’s “Earth in Forgetful Snow,” slowly and progressively corroding, in waves, the bass crust with their impactful, coiling dynamic. That one is on Grischerr’s Blue Gem Cavalcade EP on Terra Magica Rec.

Hybrid Man – Overgrown Echos

Assembling a group of elements while circumnavigating different electronic deviations, Hybrid Man in his “Overgrown Echos” creates a puzzling, fully immersive listening experience as an echo of nostalgic territories with sentimentally enhanced sonic fluctuations. “Overgrown Echos” is part of the same-titled EP on On Rotation.

Inerit – At Least We Met

In “At Least We Met,” Inerit sets on an airy journey through a oneiric soundscape which endures a warm, welcoming embrace through soothing textures and gently swaying atmospheric layers. The track is part of the Inerit and Sub-Accent split EP release between Inerit and Sub-Accent on Accents Records.

Tenzia – Cold To The Touch

Masterfully initiating tension through abstract arrangements, Tenzia’s “Cold To The Touch” reformative grips and delicate polyrhythmic granularity offer a stimulating richness of perpetually overlapping forces. “Cold To The Touch” can be found on the same-titled EP in the catalogue of IO Records.

PYUR – Delta

PYUR’s “Delta” is a whirling piece of ethereal proportions characterised by periodic contrasts of background intensity and surfacing atmospheric details that invoke, as a whole, an emotional trip between reality and beyond. The track is on PYUR’s Lucid Anarchy LP on Subtext Recordings.

Muslimgauze vs Species of Fishes – [ctrl+s]

“[ctrl+s]” by Muslimgauze and the duo Species of Fishes brims with slow repetitions that form its foundation whilst provokingly disturbing distortions and concealed noise injections are craftily spreading throughout, leaving room for vocal excerpts that further enhance its hypnotic aspect. That collaborative track is in the reissue of Muslimgauze vs Species of Fishes LP on Galaxiid.

Dayzero – A Pure

Prismatic probes frantically circulate the borders of “A Pure”’s surrealistic soundscape as edgy percussions twist and steer the course to psychedelic highs and lows, ending with a euphoric transition of pure sensual relief. That track decorates Dayzero’s Bare Brain EP on the Nostro Hood System.

Stars Without Light – Echoed Reflection

“Echoed Reflection” is an enigmatically entrancing cinematic composition created by Stars Without Light, which dives fearlessly into the subconscious’ darkest rooms to navigate with sonic ripples the dim-lighted, ever-melting corridors of our profoundly nightmarish fabrications. “Echoed Reflection” is available on Beneath And Before LP on Cyclic Law.

DJ Merlin – Guminis

Bearing a ’90s underground prestige, “Guminis” by DJ Merlin confidently explores a modern take on that era’s heritage, blending fading vocals and crispy acidic dynamics with an impactful, railing bassline. The track is part of the split Krafthaus 001 EP on Kraft und Licht.

Jad Taleb ft. Maxxii – Je Suis Vous

Playful break patterns glimmer under the light of subtle house tones and melodies in “Je Suis Vous” by Jad Taleb and Maxxii, resembling a fusion of exhilarating warmness, which brings a sense of positivity and calmness. The track is from Banoffee Pies Digi 09 on Banoffee Pies Records.