Orb Premieres: August 2023

Summer’s fever has started to cool down as we finally bid our farewell to August. This overly cinematic and eventful month brings joyous and recreational moments to those who can take a deep breath, relax, reflect, and find a way to enjoy their own company. It appears that this month, and rightfully so, the season’s accumulated energy brought to our premiere channel a colorful yet delightful track collection. With the aforementioned energy spread throughout twelve pieces, the following list offers a variety of sound outputs and creative visions to fit whichever mood one may find themselves in.

Zemög – Bululubia

“Bululubia” from Zemög, a part of Pregnant Void’s Beams of Light compilation, is an enchanting, space-deep ambiance piece with bleeps that transfer the beams of cosmic radiation as they fall like rain to a desert in the night.

Save Your Atoll – The Big Breath

With a percussive pattern that treads firmly on a hypnotically meditative tempo, swirling in hindsight behind an alluringly atmospheric veil, The Big Breath LP from Save Your Atoll is a mystical creation of mental expanse and whispering self-empowerment.

Rod Modell – Side A

Rod Modell terraforms a barren wasteland with his highly elemental sonic spells while waves of energy from beyond refresh and strengthen this mystical world’s macro and microcosm. “Side A,” this piece of familiar organic proportions, was released as part of Ghost Lights LP on Astral Industries.

Shjva – Nova

Deep echoing bassline and time-bending, pulsating mantras form Shjva’s “Nova,” a track gradually spurring itself and, like an electron, making its transformations known by emitting energy as it moves through its hidden layers. The track’s electrifying temperament came into existence through Suspiria LP via Common Ancestors.

Function – Give Thanks To The Sun

“Give Thanks To The Sun” hoards the sinusoidal energy to generate cavernous distortions and, as an alchemist, transmutes this crude, pure power into a golden combination of spirally descending back loops, quaking kicks, and dance-provoking maneuvers. This track is on Dynamic Reflection’s EP called Time Crystals Pt.2 – Liquid Solids.

Diagram – Arcane

Diagram’s “Arcane” noisy distortions slither like wind gusts among the peaks of coarse sonic terrain for a kinetic groove, pumped up by a vortex of rhythmically wobbling kicks. This work is part of Elysium EP, released on the Colombian Virescence Records catalog.

Aspetuck – Hemmed

“Hemmed” from Newyorkese Aspetuck is an engaging, heavily atmospheric track with a warming yet emoting design that tranquilizes our senses as it, like a breeze, elegantly finds its way through ethereal textures and into the surroundings. The track is part of the digital album, Early Color.

Lucie Antunes – It’s Amazing (Dopplereffekt Hadron Matrix Version)

Dopplereffekt takes Lucie Antunes’ “It’s Amazing” for an electro spin around reversive and modulated levels of groove, embracing an abrasively pinched and sharp output. This remix is found on the self-titled EP on InFiné Music amongst three more versions of It’s Amazing.

Toki Fuko – Part One

Toki Fuko leads us on an enduring exploration deep into the woods for a spirit-soothing trip, employing attuned invocations that conjoin organic textures with vibrant, tribalistic currents for an eerily shamanistic soundscape result. “Part One” is the half of his newest release on London’s Astral Industries.

Dragutesku – Destinat (Barac Remix)

Barac’s remix of Dragutesku’s “Destinat” highlights a flirty and groovy tempo on top of waves of playful swings, making this seductive piece suitable for a euphorically immersive dancefloor. This Destinat remix is on Yecad Records, including two original tracks from the Romanian producer on the A-side and one additional remix on the B-side.

Low End Activist – Gossip Is The Devil’s Radio

Low End Activist makes a raw statement with cold, steep breaks, reforming modulations, and a pads-and-bleeps frenzy that, all in sync, produce a somewhat dreary yet sound pristine outcome in “Gossip Is the Devil’s Radio.” Reminiscing bleaker and melancholic times, this track is one of the five included in his Gossip Is The Devil’s Radio EP, out on ESP Institute.

Sepian – Alva

Swaying on the deep techno borderlines, Sepian’s “Alva” puts rhythmic arrangements on the front for an appealing and groovy soulful experience with mind-embracing tunes and motifs. “Alva” comes from the digital, self-titled EP on the Colombian label From A Lost Place.