Influences: Jigga – Lillllill

Jigga is a young Japanese multi-instrumentalist (自我 meaning Ego/Myself in Japanese). The artist’s second ever release titled Lillllill is his debut on United Arab Emirates-based label Bedouin Records. The release is described as a “post-internet mini-album that stacks static noise, ferocious drums and warped echoes into 7 unconventionally abstract club tracks.”

For our first Influences feature, Jigga guides us through some of the records that influenced his latest mini-album, Lillllill.

Jigga - Lillllill - Orb Mag

“Firstly, my biggest influence is from high technology and philosophical thinking and an SF movie, rather than music, but here I introduce my influence from music,” adds the artist.

Sheila Chandra - ABoneCroneDrone 3

Caroline Records

Jigga: “The illimitable possibilities of human voices.”

This song makes me think about something dwelling in the voice of the person.

照恩寺 - 極楽音楽 阿弥陀経


J: “Traditional evolution by the machine.”

They build traditional music and religion by using advanced technology.

Yoko Kanno - Go DA DA


J: “The future is not Utopia, but Dystopia.”

I suppose my conception is that Utopia will not exist in the near future.

Sd Laika - Meshes

Tri Angle

J: “Noise is living in chaos.”

I am always affected by noise.

Boothroyd - Y5

Tri Angle

J: “The Intellectual Revolt.”

I feel this is a philosophical track, in the emotional sound and rhythm.