Favourites: Pixelord

Pixelord is the electronic music project of Alexey Devyanin, one of the flagships of modern electronic music in Russia, the embodiment of creative, productive and intelligent restraint, combined with the zeal and talent of an arranger. Pixelord has released numerous releases on various labels and toured Russia, Europe, China, and the USA.

Pixelord’s music spans many genres, combining elements of Futuristic Bass, Garage, and Grime. There is a mysterious coolness in his compositions—and in the harmonious movement of the instruments, the development of the melody, it is not always clear what emotions Pixelord is sending us for, but these are always dizzying and thrilling sensations.

In 2016, Alexey released the concept album Human.exe, which was accompanied by a 6-minute mini-film/video about a robot that wants to become a human. The album was released on vinyl label Hyperboloid Records, which Alexey has been doing for 10 years together with Sergey Saburov and Dmitry Garin. Over the past ten years, Pixelord has developed its own unique musical style, which is closely related to the sound of the Hyperboloid, and which is inspired by artists such as Bicep, EPROM, Mu-ziq, Lorn, and others. 99% is the artist’s latest album, which is described as “a complex love note for finding new sound, formed in Pixelord’s interdisciplinary practice.”  

For this month’s Favourites feature, the Moscow producer showcases 10 underground artists coming out of the Russian scene, as a way of shining a spotlight on artists who don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Summer of haze - P A C I F I C A

Hyperboloid Records

Pixelord: Maybe one of the best tracks from this artist, such a powerful and emotional piece. You can get absolutely anyone to like this track. The album is essential!

Famitsu - Ethereal

Hyperboloid Records

P: Famitsu is known for his reworked trance vibes from ’90-2000s and I love it. This track gives me chills and nostalgia for school raves.

Suboctane - Time

Insight Music

P: This one is long but it’s great because it changes all the time. It’s like a few tracks in one. I like the atmosphere and small talks from movies, this is very nicely put together, like a small journey.

Ishome - Ken Tavr


P: Legendary track, most known from this artist. It’s been used in a few movies even, and maybe somewhere else. People like it 100% and relisten anytime soon. That’s how you make a hit for ages!

Nikita Zabelin - Pheno'laX

Resonance Moscow

P: I like Zabelin’s album, many diverse styles around techno base. This track reminds me of Autechre or Aphex Twin, doesn’t have any beats even. Perfect!

Broosnica - Lyublyu


P: I love this track because it reminds of romantic criminal rave atmosphere of Russian ’90s. Perfect for after club taxi!

Monokle - Blow

Terminal Dream

P: Perfect Russian ambient, light sadness, cold hearts.

Cadeu - Gho


P: I love Cadeu for sound design, this album needs to be listened as one whole thing. Big journey to vivid dreams of another human.  

Raumskaya - Wireframe Clouds


P: One great essential tune from Raumskaya, who made a bunch of great albums and slowly changing his style, but still you can hear his own thing every time. This one reminds me of VHS sunset videos with some ’90s Aphex Twin atmosphere. Very cool, relistened 100 times!

Digital Moss - 𝕯𝖊𝖋𝖔𝖌𝖞


P: One of the best Russian synth wave, melodist. Lots of nostalgia feeling and terminator vibes, takes me to ’80s with a modern cyber touch.