Favourites: Luigi Tozzi

Qualifying an underground artist as “deep” is almost a pleonasm etymologically, while applying it on Luigi Tozzi takes a much more significant dimension. Following the first wave of the Italian hypnotic techno, the young maestro constantly swims under the surface. Such a statement can be found literally on “Kracken,” a track from Digital Reflection that translates a journey into underwater ruins. It can also be found each time Tozzi smoothens an iconic hit, such as Moby’s “Go” or Franck Knuckles’ “Your Love.” Then, a glimpse into the artist’s discography and mixes shows—more than being consistently deep—that he’s an innovator in the deep musical movement.

It is therefore not surprising that his selection brings the popes of the deep genres, from techno to new age to synthrock. In Tozzi’s own words: “I’ve cultivated a taste and passion over the years for deeper and smoother sounds rather than big in the face music.” It’s with this particular taste and music connection that the Roma-based producer has grown his collaborations with charismatic labels, such as Hypnus, almost from the start of its creation, Outis, by the pioneer Dino Sabatini, Delsin, and soon 012, Claudio PRC’s fresh new project.

Through his various experimentations, Luigi Tozzi transforms into subtle sounds particular emotions and landscapes influenced by his musical taste, which partly revealed below, says a bit more about his musical background.

Plastikman - Consumed


Luigi Tozzi: Starting with Richie Hawtin AKA Plastikman here feels quite natural as he is the godfather of our beloved deep techno.

This album shows it pretty perfectly. Also loving his approach to minimalism in almost all of his Plastikman releases.

Cio D’or - Fluidum III

Semantica Records

LT: Speaking about minimalism I couldn’t avoid Cio D’or.

A lot of her music could easily make it in my all time favorites but I have to say that I was hugely impressed with her latest record for Semantica.

Robert Hood - Minus


LT: This is the definition of techno for me

Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub I

Basic Channel

LT: Discovering dub techno and especially Basic Channel got me into making music. I remember being so hugely captivated by the endless modulations and delay games.

Rrose - Nest of Queens


LT: Speaking about modulation, I think this track from Rrose is a proper lesson. He is probably my favorite techno artist and manages to prove his genius again and again. Seeing him play live in Berghain few years ago was a life changing experience.

Loscil - Submers


LT: Beautiful submarine ambient techno album.

Jasper Dahlbäck - What is the time, Mr Templar


LT: Probably my most played track as a DJ.

Vangelis - Blade Runner


LT: Vangelis was my earliest ambient/electronica influence and I still love it.

New Order ‎- Power, Corruption & Lies


LT: This is what I listen to the most when traveling, special mention to “Your Silent Face” in this one.

Depeche Mode ‎- Black Celebration


LT: Another band that I love and always accompanies me when on the road.