Favourites: 999999999

The enigmatic Italian project 999999999 made their debut in the scene in July 2016 with their 000000002 EP and immediately created a buzz around them for their fast and hard-hitting old-school acid techno sound. Focused on the ’90s ethos of acid techno, the project is described as an “abstract concept from the minds of two people who do not feel the need to define it. It is spontaneous, random, and unlimited,” they say. Their boomy, minimalistic old-school vibe has already affected the techno scene while playing in some of the most important clubs and festivals all around Europe.

Their first four releases on their label NineTimesNine and their appearance on Planet Rhythm’s special “303” vinyl release were immediately sold out after few hours. Their highly sought after material is the result of real-time only hardware recordings in their studio, where improvisation is the key element of each release. The aim is always to capture the moment, which brings out a few but highly effective elements. For our Favourites feature, the pair talks us through some of their favourite records, featuring some of the key names that first established the sound 999999999 is known for now.

Steve Stoll - Face It


999999999: Here is explained how to make a powerful record with just 303 and 909 patterns. From 1995, but it still sounds as fresh.

Epidemie - Into the Deep


999999999: Add the right dose of overdrive on the acid pattern, scary pads and distorted kick/snares and start dancing. Killer!

Minimum Syndicat - Underwater Incident

Polybius Trax

999999999: Being in love with almost every single record from Minimum Syndicat. You just need to listen to this record to understand why. Electro hypnotism!

Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen

Doremix Records

999999999: An unmissable gem from the ’90s, early techno/trance influences and the spoken drives you into a journey of 7 minutes.

Emmanuel Top - Climax V 1.1

Attack Records

999999999: The one and only Emmanuel Top, a real master. A big influence on all our works. A real climax into the sounds, soft intro till the explosion of arpeggiated acid lead at the end of the track. Love it!

Dr. Octopus - Dr. Octopus

Millennium Records

999999999: Another gem from 1996, fast as we like it. Acid bassline and melody perfectly mixed together.

The Adventist - DSL Journey

Mindworx Records

999999999: Favorite record of our collection, nothing else to add.

Thomas P. Heckman - Violent Stains

Rasputin Records

999999999: Hard to find a favorite record from Thomas P. Heckmann/Drax. We put this one from 2007, crazy energetic EBM, perfect weapon in the mid of the set.

Ignacio - Virton

Music Man Records

999999999: An endless and hypnotic loop from the beginning to the end but you never get tired of it. Old (classic) but still gold.

Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier

Underground Resistance

999999999: If we are talking about techno now, it’s thanks to these legends. We can’t forget it on our list, and we don’t forget it! UR!