DJ Picks: Samuli Kemppi

The Helsinki-based producer, DJ, radio host, and label owner, Samuli Kemppi is one of the best-known techno exports from Finland. Kemppi’s musical style draws from the deeper frequencies of techno and experimental music and is known for his incendiary performances that are hard to beat. The techno aficionado has over 30 releases, numerous remixes, and gigs from Buenos Aires to Shanghai.

Ahead of his release on COGO-002 compilation release together with Stanislav Tolkachev, Inigo Kennedy and label owner Tonske—for our DJ Picks feature—Kemppi shares with us his current always-in-the-bag selection.

Oni Ayhun - OAR004-A

Oni Ayhun Records

Samuli Kemppi: This one never leaves the bag. Bit of a curveball track, but on the right floor this one really works nicely.

Jark Prongo - Bad Breath

JP Records

SK: Trippy masterpiece from Zki & Dobre team, that are behind numerous (if not all) releases from that early ’90s era Dutch sound. This one sound still fresh to me!

Kentolevi - Keimola


SK: Mika Vainio as Kentolevi. Simple and powerful!

Ko-Ta - Study 2


SK: Absolute killer. If I remember right, these tracks were forgotten for 20 years, then found and ended up to Karim and his label Tikita.

Claudia Anderson - Structure


SK: Unbelievable groove! Subtle changes in the track make it really intense and laid back at the same time. The newest release on this list, but already a dear classic for me. Will stay in the bag forever!

Voices From The Lake - 258 B

Spazio Disponibile

SK: Donato and Neel with superb jacking track setting a new direction for modern electronics. Spazio Disponibile is one of my all-time favourite labels.

Mike Parker - Lustration Three (Svreca Remix)


SK: Mike does what Mike does and Mike does it well. Combined with Spanish master Svreca you get this trippy space track. Absolutely gorgeous!

Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings #1 - Why? + For Whom?

Cosmic Records

SK: Bicknell leading the way. Sense of danger strongly present.

Inigo Kennedy - The Map


SK: Inigo is another good example of a producer who has his own unique style and impressive body of work. These early Token releases still really hit the spot for me. 

Mediteria - Trance Dance


SK: This is a bit silly one and you can get the vinyl for less than €1. A-side is total crap, but this B2 is a belter. I’ve seen 2,000 people go mental to this. 

Knight Phantom - What’s The Situation Now

Rising High

SK: Hover anyone? Been lately picking up some classics from the warehouse era we had in the early ’90s. Wouldn’t play a full set of these though, but in the right spot, these work well.

Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)

Anxious Records

SK: One for closing things.