Aphex Twin releases “Avril 14th” reinterpretations

The UK producer Aphex Twin has quietly released two versions of one of his most celebrated tracks, “Avril 14th,” now available at his web store.

“Avril 14th” was originally released in Aphex Twin’s 2001 album, Drukqs, before the artist went into more than a decade hiatus, up until when he came back with his 2014 LP Syro on his home label, Warp Records. The new versions of the track are “avril 14th reversed music not audio” and “avril 14th half speed alternative version,” both re-recorded in 2009. A third version of the track was made also available, but was soon removed. Although, one listener purchased it in time and made that available via SoundCloud.

Listen to the third version, “avril 14th doubletempo, half speed,” below.

01. avril 14th reversed music not audio [re-recorded 2009 Nagra]
02. avril 14th half speed alternative version [re-recorded 2009 Nagra]